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Imagination City

The war between nightmare creatures and imaginary friends began long ago in a battle to win over a child’s imagination.

Far away in a distant land, nightlings are anxious to become the scariest of nightmare

creatures and seedlings are excited to bloom into the most colorful imaginary friends as they wait to be sent into our world.

Separated by an enchanted river, an unlikely friendship develops between Sandy, a

nightling who hates to scare, and Cory, a seedling who is desperately waiting to be thought of by a child.

When Sandy discovers the ruler of Nightmare Town’s evil plot to destroy Imagination

City, she must warn Cory before it’s too late. Together with a colorful cast, they embark on a magical quest to save the city and all of the seedlings with it.

Join them as they battle giant creatures and face unknown dangers while they journey

through mystical lands on this epic adventure to reach the city of dragons. Risking everything to save each other, they will discover the true meaning of friendship.

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